Reiko Sudo, Nuno Corporation, Origami Pleat
Reiko Sudo-NUNO


Takehiko Sanada
Takehiko Sanada


Christian Bumbarra  Thompson
Christian Bumbarra


International Fashion Machines




Maria Blaisse
Maria Blaisse


Sieglinde Kar
Sieglinde Karl





slip-photographer Renee Doropoulos


slip-illustration Danny Armstrong

Blackstone Community Spinifex
Blackstone Community

Kate Campbell-Pope
Kate Campbell-


Amy Duncan-red dot
Amy Duncan


Megan Kirwan-Ward- scarves
Megan Kirwan-Ward




String Me a Story
































Louise Snook










Maria Blaisse
Maria Blaisse


Nalda Searles
Nalda Searles



























Hell's Belles
Hell's Belles


Isolated Islands of Insanity
Isolated Islands of Insanity


Sarah Jane Pell
Sarah Jane Pell


Conference Exhibition

the space between John Curtin Gallery -


Exploiting the synergies between textiles_art_design_fashion.

Opening 14 April 2004 at John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University of Technology.


The conference exhibition will feature a number of national and international artists presenting a broad range of interpretations of the conference themes, utilising a variety of media and modes of presentation - inviting the viewer to (re)consider new definitions for the space between textiles_art_design_fashion

the space between exhibition will focus on the new artistic and theoretical potentialities that have emerged as a consequence of the blurring of the boundaries between different art forms.

Today many innovative international artists work in the fluid spaces between the familiar domains of traditional disciplines. the space between will provide an opportunity to confront and debate the many issues that stem from these new areas of practice.

The exhibition includes:

Maria Blaisse (Holland) Caroline Broadhead (UK)
Jane Harris (UK) Trish Little (Aus)
Suzumi Noda (Jap) Takehiko Sanada (Jap)
Reiko Sudo-NUNO (Jap) Tissue Culture & Art (Aus)
Paul Thomas (Aus) Lucy Orta (UK/France)
Christian Bumbarra
Thompson (Aus)
Maggie Orth of International Fashion Machines (USA)

Curators: Moira Doropoulos, Anne Farren, Andrew Hutchison & Keiko Kawashima.



An exciting program of exhibitions and events is being planned. Details of some of these are below. Watch this space for further announcements and details.

General Exhibition Program

A range of exhibitions related to the space between will coincide with the conference:


Maria Blaisse
31st March – 9th May 2004

Perth Institute of Contemporary Art,

Material Witness – 15th Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial
14 April – 13 June 2004

John Curtin Gallery

This exhibition showcases the innovative practice of Australia’s foremost fibre and textile artists using familiar materials, techniques and objects and in unexpected ways. Material Witness, was curated by Robyn Daw, selecting the work of twenty-three artists representing urban and regional areas, all states and territories in Australia and includes established and emerging artists as well as artists from Indigenous and other cultural backgrounds.
The works showcased in this exhibition will be a mix of functional pieces, works that make political, social or environmental comment and works that investigate the aesthetic of textiles. The results are elegant, subversive, luscious, traditional, innovative, engaging and fun.
Material Witness provides a platform in which to discuss and debate the meanings of materials, what and how it witnesses and what it may mean to each of us.
(Excerpted from Tamworth City Gallery material)




An environment by Pearl Rasmussen , Showing at Craftwest Gallery, King Street Arts Centre. Opening 6pm Friday 19 March, 2004. Exhibition runs 20 March - 12 May 2004. For further information call (08) 9226 2799.

Pearl Rasmussen is a multi disciplinary artist whose primary theoretical concern is the effect of consumerism on the body. Her works critique the physical and psychological effects of the surfeit of information inflicted upon the body by capitalism in the urban environment. slip documents the effect of the physical and metaphoric structures with which we surround our bodies, including architecture, the domestic, the urban landscape, clothing and daily routine. slip will be her first solo exhibition incorporating collaborations with, illustrator Danny Armstrong, graphic designer Tania Doropoulos, Film maker Zena Loxton, Musician Ewan Jansen, Curator Andrew Nicholls, Photographer Renée Doropoulos, and Dress Maker Helen Miraudo.

View slip the comic online @

Seven Sisters - Fibre Works Arising from the West



Showing at Central TAFE Art Gallery , 12 Aberdeen St. Perth , WA . Opening 6pm Thursday 15 April, running until 24 May. For further information please call Craftwest on (08) 9226 2799

Curated by Kevin Murray for the Craftwest Centre for Contemporary Craft
Seven Sisters is the first major exhibition to document a unique cross-cultural collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous fibre artists living in the western half of Australia, over the past twenty five years. The Kungkarangkalpa, or Seven Sisters story from the Western Desert interprets the Pleiades star cluster. It provides the thematic core of the exhibition, as a story about women and their relationship to the (physical and spiritual) Australian landscape.
Exhibiting artists: Kantjupayi Benson, Mavis Bolton, Jean Burke, Kate Campbell-Pope, India Flint, Ivy Hopkins, Elizabeth Riley, Jean Riley, Philomena Hali, Elaine Wanatjura Lane, Thisbe Purich, Stacia Roberts, Nalda Searles, Holly Story.

Fremantle Arts Centre Exhibitions
The Fremantle Arts Centre is dedicating its exhibition spaces to showing the work of West Australian based textile artists working with installation, hand dyed and stitched furnishings and contemporary tapestry weaving. Fashion meets art meets textiles with work by:
Ainsley Hillard - Parallax
An installation of works exploring the relationship between weaving, space and the body. Hillard is a MA graduate from Curtin University and this is her first solo exhibition.
Amy Duncan - Spot
Modernist tapestries exploring the circle and the tension between the circle and the background.
Maggie Baxter - A Stitch in Time
Exploring the interface between textiles and fine art through research into the traditional textile techniques of Kutch , north west India , and expanding their application into contemporary art forms.
Megan Kirwan - Ward Crossing
This exhibition builds on an ongoing collaboration between an Australian artist and a community of women textile artists and craftswomen in Padang , West Sumatra .

Annie Trevillian – Bass Gardens Series

Canberra based textile artist shows screen printed images and hand dyed silks inspired by 50's fabrics and the Bass Garden in Griffith planted in the 1930's.

String Me A Story
April 2004
spECtrUm project space
an exhibition of hand plied string and text.
The art of hand-plied cordage is ancient. Whether the plying is done with the fingers, the hands or with the hand and thigh, the material object retains the uniqueness of the maker.
Curated by John Parkes, Textiles Lecturer, School of Contemporary Arts, Edith Cowan University, String Me A Story will showcase contemporary hand plied (non-mechanical) string making as both object and dialogue generator.
Enquiries to participate in this exhibition should be directed to John Parkes, or phone (08) 9370 6089 or by fax (08) 9370 6147 – deadline for applications March 1st 2004.

gathered, stitched and zipped
free range Studios & gallery

Showing at free range Studios & gallery 15th - 24th April 2004. Opening event with artists, Sunday 18th of April at 4pm .

A vibrant and tactile exhibition showcasing the work of four rising stars in the WA independent fashion scene. Collectively these girls are alchemists, brewing up street savvy, visual punch and technical innovation, with their original visions and obsession for textiles. free range is an artist run venue operating at the fringe of Subiaco's fashion epicentre.

Louise Snook, Angela Ferolla, Anna Kotai, Siobhan Madden

free range Studios & gallery 359 Hay St Subiaco 6008.

'Post No Bills' an exhibition by
Jo Pickup

Showing at Hudson Saturday April 3 – 22, 2004 . Opening Saturday April 3 , 2004 7pm .
It is interesting to experiment with a single image and change the context in which it is seen to challenge the way we look at it. In this solo show Jo Pickup has used a single photographic print as the basis for her work over a variety of media. She has drawn on her experience as a designer- in particular that as a fashion designer- to create works that apply this common image in very different ways. The works appear startling and graphic, yet reflect also the subtle nature of the print that sparked this explorative journey through film, print and paint. The show opens on April 3rd encompassing works on canvas, experimental short film work as well as a live fashion installation.

Hudson , 76 King St , Perth Tel (08) 93221088
Tuesday 10am - 5pm , Wednesday - Saturday 10am until late


Showing at Breadbox Gallery 233-239 James St , Northbridge, 13-18 April 2004

An exhibition of contemporary textiles by emerging artists from Canberra 's ANU School of Textiles, addressing the themes of the textile conference " the space between "

Lining fabric is a layer between the body and the outer garment. The work in the exhibition explores the space between art, textiles, fashion and craft. This new area of practice is supported by study in art institutions where the definitions of departments have become blurred and students are encouraged to draw from the widest realm of ideas, contexts, processes and creative expressions. Sculptors explore fabric and the body, Painters play with the fluidity of fabric, Printmakers draw on the history of textile design for printed fabric and Textile practitioners comment on the comercialisation of fashion.



Welcome to the World of Bricolage where you make wearable Mythologies

Bricolage as a space, is somewhere between an op-shop and a costume department. Lined with racks of second-hand clothes, bookshelves overflowing with jars of odd buttons and tables with sewing machines, the audience is invited to reconstruct their own wearable Mythologies.

No sewing experience necessary. This is a free event.

Opening hours for Bricolage: 6.30pm – 10.30pm , 7 days a week
Bakery Complex, 233-239 James St , Northbridge

Dates 11 th April – 26 th April 2004

Artwear 2004

April 11th - May 9th, 2004

The Old Bakery on 8th Gallery, 42 8th Avenue Maylands 6051, 08 9370 3308
Proudly partnering with Western Australian fabric and textile artists.

This is the 3rd annual Old Bakery fabric and textile exhibition, featuring stylish, unique and ori gina l pieces of wearable art items from approximately fifty leading Western Australian textile artists. The Old Bakery also has a broad range of unique Western Australian arts and crafts.

Gallery hours Tues-Sat 10.00-5.00, Sun 12.00-4.00

Spirit of Freedom

Heathcote Gallery Swan House

Expressing and sharing our own individual journey through Fibre Art.

Showing at Heathcote Gallery Swan House, Duncraig Road, Applecross. Ph: 93645666. Artists: Margaret Sutton, Trudi Pollard, Stephanie Ridley, Helena Pollard Exhibition Dates: March 30 – May 2, 2004

Gallery Hours: Tues – Fri :10 am – 3pm, Sat – Sun: 11 am – 3 pm
Workshops: 10 th , 14 th , 21 st , 26 th April, 2004.



Maria Blaisse
‘Form and Movement

A workshop on the edge of the Southern Ocean of Western Australia.
Hosted by the School of Contemporary Arts, Faculty of Communications and Creative Industries Edith Cowan University.
For more info go to

Nalda Searles
Inland Bush camp at Elach Butting Rock

Hosted by the School of Contemporary Arts, Faculty of Communications and Creative Industries Edith Cowan University.
For more info go to


Retail/Art/Performance Activity

City of Perth West End s_p_a_c_e
West End precinct City of Perth

Event based in King Street , Thursday April 15 2004 from 7 pm

West End s_p_a_c_e will bring together an exciting range of activities:

Slip…the exhibition
Performance …Slipping
Art in retail spaces…per square metre [pm2]
City of Perth Fashion in the City
Epicure experiences and Environments

A collaboration between the space between conference organisers, City of Perth and Craftwest featuring:
slip a solo exhibition by Pearl Rasmussen incorporating collaboration with designers, filmmakers, illustrators, photographers, musicians and dancers… slipping a one-night-only special viewing of the works that will form part of the work of the exhibition slip , accompanied by a series of temporary graphics-based works to be installed directly onto pavements and walls around the West End…per square The City of Perth Fashion in the City will feature garments from West End Precinct retailers… E picure experiences and E nvironments encouraging audiences to experience West End café and restaurant culture

slip_ may be viewed at Craftwest Gallery, 357 Murray Street
slipping_ will bring the exhibition slip into King Street and beyond  

per square metre [pm2] point of sale; point of entry; the space that seduces into the new; the space between the consumer and commercial environment - will address the relationship between artists and retailers through installation of works in West End retail window spaces for the week of the conference. Ten Australian artists and designers will be creating and installing work from their disciplinary field in different retail spaces across this fashion shopping precinct. The pm2 project aims to expose the complex relationship between artist, retailer and consumer. Window displays will be transformed into artistic avenues, commenting on the shift from observation to ownership. Curator Paul O'Connor.

pm2 can be viewed at the following locations in the City of Perth West End Precinct :
Pierucci, 317 Murray Street _ Judith Forest, City Fever, 830 Hay Street _ Michelle Siciliano, Luxxe, 31 King Street _ Minaxi May, Zomp, 47 King Street _ Rick Vermey, Varga Girl, 349 Murray Street _ Trish Little, Forrest Menswear, 800 Hay Street _ Malika Of Kinross, 847 Hay Street _ ericaamerica, Munster Laneway _ Ben Sullivan, Wolfe Laneway _ Di Vidos, Periscope, 30 King Street _ Andrew Lim and Gregory James

The City of Perth Fashion in the City

View the best of contemporary winter fashion from fashion retailers in the West End . On Thursday, April 15, 8 pm , King Street will be filled with colour, movement and performance with an innovative display and parade.

E picure experiences and E nvironments

Let your tastebuds takeover and sample the abundant variety of coffee houses in and around the West End . Whatever you flavour, from gourmet cuisine to a quick caffeine pick-up, there's an outlet to suit all tastes.




Closing Event - TERMINAL

TERMINAL is an event where the boundaries between spectators & performers blur, as Western Australian artists across all disciplines blend & manipulate rich layers of sound, experimental film, impromptu theatre & dance, poetry readings, alternative fashion, live performance & improvised play to construct mesmerisingly seductive environments that wrap themselves around you & seep inside.

Driven by a purposeful sense of engagement that sees the exchange between art & life as a two-way process, TERMINAL provides the opportunity for Western Australian artists to question the boundaries between art & life in an environment that seeks to challenge traditional ways of viewing & understanding the arts.

An atmosphere where a multiplicity of arts combine in a way in which none is privileged over the other, TERMINAL creates disparate arrangements that encourage crowds to gather around performances which catch their eye, only to glance sideways as other crowds flow past, on their ways to other music, dance, sound or performance points. Performances & changes are not announced – each just begin & end, or morph seamlessly into the next.

In an ever-changing environment full of surprises & cheekiness, TERMINAL is a dynamic event that caresses the recesses of the subconscious & tinkers with the mind.

Special $30 tickets for the space between delegates - available if booked with conference registration.

Ticket price includes food served throughout the evening

for more information regarding TERMINAL email:

or contact Kirsten Hudson ph: 0419 696 818, (08)9332 0143.